Software and Microphones

Digital Recording Software

SoniClear software products for Windows provide recording, enhancement, archiving and webcasting of spoken audio. Visit the SoniClear Website for more information.

Panagram Server

The Panagram Server provides all the features of the hosted, self-service site. Customization is also available. Contact Trio Systems for more information.

OEM Licensing

Panagram and SoniClear can be licensed for integration into OEM applications. Use technology from Trio Systems LLC to enhance your Internet products and services.

  • Panagram Server
  • SoniClear/NP browser plugin
  • SoniClear Digital Recording

Contact Trio Systems for licensing information.

SoniClear Features

·Windows XP/2000/98/ME/NT

·Tape recorder-like interface

·Record and process offline

·WAV, MP3 and Java AU

·VoiceBoost DSP

·Application-specific versions

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