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Known Web Site Issues
Known Plugin Issues
Sound Card Compatibility
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Current Release

Not In Service

Updated 4/22/2005

The hosting server is not available at this time. Contact Trio Systems for more information.

Release 2.2

Updated 4/14/01

The current site version is 2.2. The current plugin version is 2.1. This release includes various bug fixes to the Release 2.1 site code and bugs in the 2.0 plugin code. This release also includes automatic plugin installation for IE browsers and email account verification.

Release 2.1

Updated 3/28/01

Release 2.1 includes various bug fixes to the Release 2.0 site code.

Release 2.0

Updated 2/23/01

The main new feature is fully automatic credit card billing and 30 day Trial Accounts. Once your Trial Account expires, you will be able to enter your credit card information and Panagram will bill your card automatically to pay for streaming charges. All account transactions are confirmed to the email account you have registered and displayed online in the Billing section (click on Billing Information in the Workspace page).

If you are an existing customer, your current Trial Account will expire in one week from the release date. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the plugin at:

New Features Include:

This release has been extensively tested on a wide variety of computer systems and platforms. In the event that you encounter problems be sure to review the other support sections at this web site: Support Help Page and Support Solutions Page. If these do not answer your questions, contact us at Be sure to supply details about your computer, browser type and version number, RealPlayer version number and any other factor you think might help us track down any problems.

You can also send feedback forms directly from the Panagram Player window. Press the Feedback button in the control panel and fill out the form.

Release 1.9

Updated 12/8/00

New Features Include:

Known Web Site Issues

  1. only supports Windows Netscape 4.7 and higher and Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and 5.0. All other platforms and browsers are not supported, including all Macintosh and Unix browsers, IE 5.5SP2, IE 6.0, and Netscape 6.0.

Known Plugin Issues

  1. If the installed plugin is out of date, a link for downloading the latest version will be displayed in the Workspace page. The plugin installer program can always be downloaded from:
  2. On some Windows 95 computers the background of the recording panel does not display correctly (showing little square boxes instead). This does not affect operation of the software.
  3. On slower computers, recording with the MUSIC encoding setting (set in the Personalize Page) will have some added noise caused by dropped samples. To work around this problem, import music as a WAV file instead of making the recording in the plugin.
  4. Microsoft dropped support for Netscape-style plugins in the IE 5.5 SP2 update and in IE 6.0. As a result, these browsers will not work with Panagram, which uses a Netscape-style plugin to make recordings. The workaround is to use either IE 5.01SP2 or Netscape 4.76 browsers instead.

Sound Card Compatibility

Microsoft Windows provides support for sound devices which may be installed as add-on cards, or as chip sets on the motherboard. Because each card is different and is supported by software drivers supplied by the sound device manufacturer, there is a great deal of variability between systems. You may find that the SoniClear/NP plugin does not work with your sound card because of hardware or driver incompatibilities. In addition, not all sound cards will provide satisfactory sound quality.

The following list of tested systems does not constitute an endorsement of any particular product, nor does it guarantee that SoniClear/NP is 100% compatible with these products. The systems included in the list appear to work correctly with SoniClear/NP based on in-house testing or customer experience.

SoniClear/NP has been used with the following sound cards:

SoniClear/NP has been used with the following sound chip sets:

Microphone Selection

Using a good microphone can make a big difference in the quality of your recordings. Consult the SoniClear Microphone Page for more information.

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