Panagram Features records, optimizes, converts, and hosts RealAudio at the click of a button. Now you can easily broadcast from web sites and emails.

Broadcast announcements, interviews and other recordings to promote products and services from your website and emails.
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Add the power of Internet Radio to your website. Increase your communication quality while enhancing the user experience of your site.
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Use Panagram for enhancing educational programs, distance learning, administrative communications, and student-run Internet radio stations.
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RealAudio Clip Management

Create and manage your webcast files at the site.

Create new recordings, and specify how the recordings are to be delivered from a browser interface.

Create "Web Clips" for linking from web sites, with the option of displaying in a pop-up style player window.

Create "Voice Message" clips for delivery by email. sends an email containing the specified text message and a link to the RealAudio recording.

Automatic Hosting

Hosting services are included with your account. takes care of automatically hosting the RealAudio recordings on computers running RealServer G2. You don't need to make any other arrangements for the hosting of the content.

Link to your recordings from your web site or put the link into an email or other online document. When the listener clicks on the link, the server plays the recording in the Panagram Player, a web page that is customized for each recording. The Player displays in a browser screen or it can pop up in a window above the web page.

Advanced Recording Technology

You don't need to know any of the technical details of RealAudio production.

What was once a difficult task requiring several complex programs is now handled automatically from your browser. uses the SoniClear®NP browser plugin to manage the process of creating RealAudio files on the your computer. Once SoniClear NP is installed, you can start broadcasting.

SoniClear NP takes care of recording the sound file, VoiceBoost or MusicBoost optimization of the sound, converting the file to RealAudio format, and uploading the converted file to the server. VoiceBoost and MusicBoost sound optimization includes these automatic DSP processes:

  • Multiband voice-optimized compression for punch
  • Automatic de-esser for sibilance reduction
  • Presence boost for intelligibility
  • Bass boost for warmth with male voices
  • Normalization for maximum output level
  • Peak limiter for controlling overload distortion
  • Smart expansion gate for reduced background noise
  • DC offset adjustment for cleaner encoding
  • High frequency cutoff for reduced anti-aliasing effects

Feature Summary

  • Create, edit and delete recordings from your Web browser
  • Personalize Panagrams with text and graphics
  • Panagram Wizards step you through the creation process
  • Panagram recordings are automatically hosted at
  • Recordings are presented in the Panagram Player window using a standard Web browser
  • Voice Message recordings can be sent directly from the Panagram site, or from your own email program
  • Web Clips can include text information or display a standard HTML frame URL you supply
  • The recording process uses the SoniClear NP browser plugin software which is downloadable free from the site
  • Built-in recording level controls and recording level meters
  • DSP voice optimization including de-esser

New Features in Release 2

  • Micropayment billing for all storage and streaming usage.
  • Automatic credit card charging to refill account balance for Basic and Advances accounts.
  • Online billing information, updated daily.
  • Clickthrough usage, updated in real time.
  • Includes the latest, high fidelity music encoding with RealAudio RA8 from Sony.
  • Manual billing option for Premium accounts.
  • Option to FTP clips to external RealServer account for Premium accounts
  • Improvements to VoiceBoost sound processing

About Panagram

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·Enhance communication

·Increase sales

·Improve customer retention

·Keep content fresh

·Anyone can generate content

·Professional sound quality

·Cost effective

Sound Processing

The RealAudio system uses an "encoding" process that removes as much non-essential information from the sound file as possible. The result is the remarkable ability to deliver sound files over the Internet, even with dial-up modems.

Encoding sound files for Internet delivery reduces the quality of sound. The result is similar to how an AM radio station does not sound as good as your CD player.

To compensate for the effects of encoding, SoniClear® NP performs the same type of enhancement used by radio stations, to make your recordings as clear and attractive as possible.

SoniClear NP is based on the sound processing technology in SoniClear Studio. You can learn more about RealAudio and Internet sound production at the SoniClear Studio website.


Creating Recordings

·Pentium 200MHz or faster

·Windows 95/98/NT/2000

·Sound Card (line-in jack required for recording from external source)

·Web Browser

·Disk space: 1.8MB per minute recorded

·RealPlayer 5.0 or G2

Playing Recordings

·Windows, Mac, Unix

·Web Browser

·RealPlayer 5.0 or G2

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