Webcast to add a new dimension to your auction sales on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! and other auction sites. By telling your story, your sales results will improve.

Talk to your customers to give your auction listing the emotional edge over the competition and to give customers confidence to buy from you.

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Create excitement to heat up bidding
  • Increase the emotional value of your items
  • Make a personal connection with your bidders

Emotions sell! And nothing communicates emotion better than the enthusiasm in your voice for your great auction items. Use to deliver your stories about how you got each item, what condition it is in, and why you think it is a great deal. Your stories will increase the value of the items because people who bid online care about what they are purchasing.

Start Webcasting Today

With you can start adding descriptions to your auction items right now. It's easy and it's fun. All you need is a Windows computer and a microphone. Just go to the TryIt! Page and following the simple instructions.

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