Book Promotion

Use Panagram MiniBooks to promote new books to the press and book buyers.

MiniBooks are web-based presentations that provide all of the relevant information about a book along with an interview of the author. By using MiniBooks along with your existing promotion tools, you will be able to enhance your book sales without the addition of public relations or sales staff.

  • Use for press relations email followup
  • Send to book distributors and buyers
  • Add to your website
  • Send to your email lists

Full Production Services

Trio Systems provides all of the production and hosting services to launch your MiniBook presentations quickly and easily. We interview the author and process the information about the book into a concise format. MiniBooks are then hosted on the Panagram servers for immediate access. You simply use the link to the MiniBook in your emails and on your website.

View the MiniBook Executive Summary on the web or download it in PowerPoint format. For more information, contact Trio Systems.

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